The Pain Cave

Widgets for Workouts™. Public Beta in Fall 2012. Follow us to be notified.


Find cycling workouts created by coaches and fellow cycling enthusiasts. Create and share workouts with your friends. Add music and videos to make the most of your Suffer Time in The Pain Cave. Community features and social games encourage sharing of goals, competitions and usage-based rewards and prizes.

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Create cycling workouts, share them with your clients, and track their progress. Use video and audio to improve focus, add interest and deliver specific instruction. Reinforce cadence with BPM-based sountracks and visual cues. Coaches have access to premium tools to develop custom content and channels.

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Workout Widgets™ are building blocks for timed efforts: programmable timers, on-screen instruction, YouTube video and cadence-specific audio from Rdio and Free Music Archive. Designed for cycling coaches and their clients, these powerful tools are also used to create workouts for Crossfit, Yoga and Pilates.

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